Reading/Language Arts

The Imagine It! reading program is implemented.  Children are introduced to critical literacy skills throughout the components; phonological and phonemic awareness; and alphabetic knowledge and principle building. Themed literature selections lay the foundation for early reading and print awareness.


Pre-Kindergarteners are exposed to the Real Math program by SRA/McGraw-Hill. This series develops all strands of mathematical proficiency and provides opportunities for practice of all concepts introduced: numbers and their operations, geometry, measurement, patterns and algebra, and data analysis and classification.


Students have opportunities to experiment and test scientific concepts as they explore life science, principles of energy, health, and nutrition.  Our program helps students develop an understanding of how the world within neighborhood and school connects with the world around them.


Social Studies

Social studies themes focus on our communities at home, school, and neighborhoods; our city, state, country, and major countries from around the world; holidays and celebrations; and key contributors in making our world a better place, time, and people.

Related Arts Information

All related arts integration activities will focus on classroom themes.  Music activities will be designed to be used with the whole group or small groups.  The emphasis in music is on language and motor involvement in singing.  Art activities will focus on the reinforcement and expansion of class concepts, while using various forms of expression.  The emphasis is on creativity, exposure to multiple textiles, and the development of fine motor skills. Physical and/or gross motor activities will be implemented to foster the use and development of large muscles. Enrichment activities will provide supplementary experiences that provide additional language, problem solving, and social development.