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Lower School

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

Lower school students are taught the core disciplines of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, Spanish, physical education, Bible studies, and social skills. We offer a concrete-sequential curriculum, in which each day of learning builds upon the next.




The Reading Wonders program will be used in grades K-5. It is a web-based/online and iPad connected curriculum, aligned to Reading, Language Arts, and Writing skill development; specifically addressing Common Core Standards. The program provides support for building a strong reading foundation; accessing complex text; finding and utilizing text evidence; engaging students in collaborative conversations; and writing to sources, coupled with rigor from CCS.


Teachers utilize the Real Math program from SRA/McGraw-Hill as their primary source for instruction coupled with alignment of concepts to Common Core Math Standards. The Real Math series integrates and develops all strands of mathematical proficiency and provides opportunities for practice of all concepts introduced, including but not limited to: understanding, computing, applying, reasoning, and engaging. Students receive real-world applications along with direct instruction from the teacher to ensure mastery. iPads are integrated as a classroom learning tool throughout math concepts.


Students will begin to understand how the small world within their neighborhoods connects with the larger world and the solar system. Students have opportunities to experiment and test scientific concepts as they master them. All grades study life science, the earth and celestial bodies, principles of energy, nutrition, and health. Students have access to dedicated school science labs to further enrich learning. In grades K-2, teachers use the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill TimeLinks curriculum program and hands-on experiences in PSM science labs. Students in grades 3-5 use the My Healthy World Program for elementary and middle school children. This web-based/online program is designed to teach students a broad-based set of health and wellness skills that will last throughout their lifetime.. The Program engages students through innovative digital technology, while providing a firm classroom instructional core. iPads are incorporated throughout science exploration as a classroom learning tool.


Children in grades K-5 are exposed to our world’s geographical features, map study, history, biographies, timelines, customs and cultures, economics, civics, and citizenship. Our community, neighborhoods, country, major countries around the world and continent comparisons are studied. Students gain experience about our world through projects, current events, field trips, and visitors. A variety of resources are used to cover Social Studies concepts, including web-based resources and Macmillian/McGraw-Hill’s TimeLinks. iPads are incorporated throughout as a classroom learning tool to enhance social studies instruction.


Teachers incorporate technology daily. Exposure to smart boards, iPads, projectors, audio/visual recordings and images of online/web-based curriculum extensions enhance all instruction and learning opportunities. Classes schedule visits to computer labs for further exploration and practice.



Students visit the library regularly to check-out books connected to current curriculum topics and cross-curricular areas. The Librarian works with classroom teachers to locate age-appropriate research sources, through which students learn, practice and develop research skills.

Related Arts


Students receive art instruction twice a week in the Lower School.  Art is used as a vehicle for students to connect to all subjects.  The Elements of Art, art history, and art of various cultures are the focus for students.  This class focuses on the visual arts.



Students in the Lower School receive music instruction twice weekly. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in reading and performing music. Focus in both reading and performance is based on understanding musical concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, and expression. Activities in music lessons center on; listening, performing, moving, reading, and creating music; using many styles of music; and understanding the place of music in culture and history. Methodology is drawn from the Kodaly, Orff, and Dalcroze approaches to music education. Students in Grade 5 may be selected to be a part of the 5th Grade Honors Choir.


Orchestra is designed for beginning/intermediate string player in Grades 3-12.  Emphasis is placed on the performance skills with the study of grade 1-3 repertoire.  There are approximately 5 performances each year.  Solo opportunities are also offered.  Attendance is mandatory.  Orchestra meets one afternoon after school and on Saturday morning.  This course requires additional fees for instrument rental and instruction.


Physical fitness, team cooperation, team sports, group games, and Yoga are the focus of this class.  Grading is based on Pass/Fail. Gym uniforms will be provided and must be worn.


Students in grades K-5 gain knowledge of Christianity through Bible class. Students learn about Biblical heroes and how they relate to our lives today. Students also learn methods for solving problems through the use of Christian values. Peer issues and childhood conflicts will be discussed with strategies taught to help students resolve problems.