S.O.A.L.summer opportunity of a lifetime

Marcellus, Class of 2014


The SOAL (Summer Opportunity Of A Lifetime) program gives students the opportunity to extend their learning outside the classroom, both domestically and abroad. SOAL students spend part of each summer in a new environment, which helps to broaden their aspirations and prepare them for global competitiveness. They return with a wealth of new knowledge, not to mention eye-opening experiences that will forever change them.

Each year, students compete to be a part of the SOAL program. Curricula ranges from the Oxford Academic Programs in Europe, to language immersion programs in the deep woods of Minnesota, to services programs in the Rocky Mountains. Programs range in length from one week to the entire summer.

Lower and Middle SOAL students combine language immersion, leadership, skill-building and service activities with recreation. High School students combine rigorous academic coursework at prestigious institutions with class tours and hands-on learning.


The SOAL program began in 1990 as a way to enhance our students’ academic lives and open their eyes to the world at large. PSM also wanted to test the global competitiveness of its students. Those who participate find that their PSM education has prepared them well and helped them gain a new confidence. Since 1990, thousands of students have participated in the program, making their mark in places as diverse as South Africa, Thailand and Switzerland.


All students in Grades 3-11 who are registered for the next academic school year are eligible. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA to apply. Students must complete an application, write an essay, furnish two teacher recommendations, and pay a $50 nonrefundable fee upon acceptance. Application deadline is December 17, 2015. SOAL is a partnership between the family and the school. While scholarships are available, families are required to pay part of the program’s tuition.

To apply to SOAL, click here to download the application

SOAL Coordinator:
Michelle Byrd

Email: byrdm@psmnow.com

Phone: 773.722.4600