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Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Aid Process

Providence St. Mel is a private and independent institution that does not receive financial assistance from any state or federal agency.  Providence St. Mel School offers a college preparatory opportunity at a fraction of the education cost per student. All students receive some level of financial assistance at PSM as the average cost to educate a student at PSM exceeds $15,000.  The cost to educate is underwritten by donor, corporate, and foundation support. Providence St. Mel grants additional merit based scholarships and financial aid to assist with the tuition rates for families.  Providence St. Mel must fundraise more than $4 million per year to underwrite the balance of your child’s tuition.

We are here to support your child’s well-being through education.  We are confident that when a student graduates from PSM, he or she will have the academic ability, self-discipline and foundation to succeed in college and compete in today’s Global Community!


Financial Assistance Awards:


Merit-based Academic Scholarships – Funds are granted to a family based on the student’s academic benchmarks, not based on need.  Factors that are commonly considered may include one or more of the following: standardized test scores, grade point average, or the results of an interview process.  Merit based scholarships range from approximately 50%-90% off tuition rates.

 Need-based Financial Aid – Funds are granted to a student based on the family’s financial profile.  Providence St. Mel uses an independent, third party service, SMART Tuition Aid, that gives summary information about your finances and obligations.  Students/families receiving need-based aid must complete the SMART Tuition Aid application reporting family income, assets and liabilities, and projections for the following year, including special circumstances.  The information from the application is calculated into a formula that generates specific need calculations for that family. Based on this information, the school finalizes an award, if you qualify. The money does not come from the 3rd party service, but from Providence St. Mel School.

Students must be registered at PSM to finalize merit based and need based financial aid awards. 


 Applying for Financial Assistance:

Application Deadline

Please submit your application and documentation by 04/30/2015.

 Application Processing Fees

  • Application Fee (required): $35
  • Business Fee (if applicable): $19 – Fee only applies to families filing: 1041, 1065, 1120 or 1120S.

 School ID Code

Please use the following school ID code – 12731

How to apply online

To access the online application, please go to www.smarttuitionaid.com.

For first time applicants, you will need to register by selecting ‘New Parent Registration.’ From there you will be prompted to enter a valid e-mail address along with a password of your choice. It is important your e-mail address is correct, as email is the first line of communication. Once you are confirmed with a username and password, you will be logged into the Smart Tuition Aid online site, where you will begin the application process.

For assistance in filling out the application, general questions or retrieving login information please contact Smart Tuition Aid either by phone at 1-800-360-8027 or by e-mail at support@smarttuitionaid.com.

Students must be registered at PSM to finalize merit based and need based financial aid awards.