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Class Captains

To help reach the goal for the ACE Alumni Challenge, the Classes of 1979-2012 now have Class Captains who have been tasked with helping to organize and encourage donations from their fellow alumni.

1979 Beverly D. Singleton-Felton feltonb@psmnow.com
1980 Roosevelt Moncure rooseveltm@psmnow.com
1980 Cornell Barnett barnettco@psmnow.com
1981 Aissa E. Hamilton Bell hamiltona@psmnow.com
1983 Matthew R. Hicks hicksm@psmnow.com
1984 Pamela M. Mack mackp@psmnow.com
1984 Cassandra R. Minor minorm@psmnow.com
1985 Tonia Lewis-Rogers rogerst@psmnow.com
1985 Joe Jackson jacksonjo@psmnow.com
1986 Corey Allen allenco@psmnow.com
1986 Craig A. Yarbrough yarbroughc@psmnow.com
1987 Kimberly A. Whiting whitingk@psmnow.com
1987 Joe Young youngj@psmnow.com
1988 Audrey Lee-Mathis mathisa@psmnow.com
1989 Deborah Sturgis-Hinton hintond@psmnow.com
1990 David P. Shields shieldsd@psmnow.com
1991 Timothy D. Ervin ervint@psmnow.com
1992 Leslie Lewis lewisl@psmnow.com
1992 Matthew Humphries humphriesm@psmnow.com
1992 Darnell Burtin burtind@psmnow.com
1993 Tony R. Brown brownt@psmnow.com
1993 Veronica S. Kirkwood kirkwoodv@psmnow.com
1994 Tara T. (Langston) Yarbrough yarbrought@psmnow.com
1995 Jamikka T. Nelson nelsonj@psmnow.com
1996 John E. Abney abneyj@psmnow.com
1996 Letitia D. Dillard dillardl@psmnow.com
1997 Domonique F. McCord mccordd@psmnow.com
1998 Irving C. Richardson richardsoni@psmnow.com
1998 LaDarius R. Curtis curtisl@psmnow.com
1999 Curtis Blair blairc@psmnow.com
1999 Sparkle Waters waterss@psmnow.com
2000 Adwoa Antwi-Barfi antwi-barfia@psmnow.com
2000 Owens J. Shelby shelbyo@psmnow.com
2000 Rashida Restaino restainor@psmnow.com
2001 Akiba K. Moss mossa@psmnow.com
2002 Sarena McRae mcraes@psmnow.com
2003 Valentino Burney burneyv@psmnow.com
2003 Charity S. Curtis curtisc@psmnow.com
2003 Jerald T. Gary garyj@psmnow.com
2004 David N. Evers eversd@psmnow.com
2005 Justin Walker walkerj@psmnow.com
2005 Sirgourney Tanner tanners@psmnow.com
2006 Royel M. Johnson johnsonr@psmnow.com
2007 Richard T. Nelson nelsonr@psmnow.com
2008 Pavielle Goldman goldmanp@psmnow.com
2009 Jordan Abram abramj@psmnow.com
2010 David Sentongo sentongod@psmnow.com
2010 Alex Vann vanna@psmnow.com
2011 Tara Levy levyt@psmnow.com
2012 Janise M. Ford fordj@psmnow.com