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Your Financial Support is Needed Today

Our families face a daunting challenge as they struggle to pay what they can towards their child’s education at Providence St. Mel — and all families must pay something. But this amount seldom covers the cost of the tuition we charge and never covers the full cost of the excellent instruction that our school provides.

The true cost to educate a student at Providence St. Mel is now more than $15,000, which is more than double our modest tuition. Even though our school automatically underwrites more than half of this true cost, the great majority of our students require yet additional financial assistance.

Only with the support of such caring partners as you can Providence St. Mel continue to keep tuition low, provide much-needed scholarships, meet operating expenses, and offer vital academic and enrichment programs.

Your charitable contributions help us to meet our ongoing needs. Without your support and the support of so many caring donors like you, the overwhelming majority of our students would be unable to attend our school and receive the quality college-preparatory education that distinguishes Providence St. Mel. Please consider making a donation today. Every gift counts!

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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